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Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment
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by Jerry Walkos on Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment
Much improvement!

You suffer from COPD? How long have you been diagnosed with COPD?
COPD and Chemical Burns. About 10 years


How did you feel before your 1st Stem Cell Treatment:
Tired, difficulty breathing, used inhaler, would have pneumonia 5 to 6 times a year


What improvements did you feel/see after the 1st Stem Cell Treatment?
Went directly to work after procedure, went to a plant and walked a mile and a half with no problems. Instantly new something felt better. Definitely wouldn't have been able to do that before. Less use of the inhaler. Eye sight improved. Cut his prescription in half.
Helped with Bladder Control during the night... noticed the improvement a couple months after the procedure.
Over all health is better.
Hasn't had pneumonia except for once because the doctor didn't give him enough medicine and didn't think he had pneumonia


What made you decide to do a 2nd Stem Cell treatment:
You noticed he had to start using the inhaler. Started smoking again. For a week he has been using a smoking patch.

by Geraldine Johns on Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment
Great Recovery!

Testimonial after 1 amnion injection on 5/29/15


  • Can lay flat on back now, use to have to sleep sitting up.

  • Day of procedure was able to sleep through the night, first time in a very long time. Use to only sleep in 15 minute intervals at a time during the night.

  • Cook a meal, before couldn't stand long enough.

  • Can go outside in the heat and she is still able to breath, before she had to stay in the AC 24/7. Use to take a high dosage of Vitamin D and now she doesn't take any more. After 2 weeks was about to stay outside all day during a family reunion.

  • Down to 2 breathing treatments a day.

  • Doesn't have to use Oxygen compressor as much, really only needs it to sleep because she is a shallow breather. Quit using the Oxygen about 90%.

  • Believes that she has had at least a 75 % improvement overall.

  • Cut medication down, Alburdorall Solphate mixture with

  • Rescue inhaler use to bare minimum

  • Would absolutely recommends the procedure and has recommended it to others.

After one amnion injection on May 29, 2015, I believe that I have seen about a 75% overall improvement of my health and quality of life. Before the injection, I was only able to sleep sitting up in 15 minute intervals during the night. The same day as the injection I was able to finally sleep though the night laying down! Also, before the injection I was unable to go outside due to the heat and the effect it had on my breathing, therefor I had to stay inside with the AC on 24/7. I was only a high dosage of Vitamin D, due to the lack of sun light. Two weeks after the injection I went to a family reunion which was held outside, I was able to stay outside and actually breath and be comfortable! And, I no longer take the Vitamin D.

by EJ on Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment

Dr. Slater and Team are wonderful.
ai am 46 and feel like I am 25 again, I had PRP For joint pain as well as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy thus far. Next is Stem Cells.
No pain and much better energy, as well as .. I can sleep 100% better. What a lovey competent doctor.

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