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Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment

Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment Center is offering Adult Stem Cell Treatments at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic Center of Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Procedures. They are located  in Atlanta Georgia. Dr. Monte Slater is the Medical Director and is a double board certified physician with 27 years of medical experience.

We’ve all heard of the groundbreaking yet controversial field of stem cell research. However, many are unaware that it’s only one type of stem cells – embryonic stem cells – which are controversial. Another type – autologous stem cells – are free of controversy because they are harvested from a patient’s own body.

What are Autologous Cells?

Autologous simply means that the cells have been taken from a patient. THE cells used in autologous stem cell therapy MAY come from bone marrow, BLOOD OR MOST OFTEN FAT

Ongoing research suggests that autologous stem cell therapy may be useful for a broad range of diseases and MOST ORTHOPEDIC ISSUES.

Why is Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Used?

Using a patient’s own cells is much safer than using cells from another person’s body. Rejection is common when transplanting organs and the same can happen when transplanting cells. The human body is designed to reject anything which does not belong, and often the body views a lifesaving organ or cell as a foreign invader. However, the body does not reject its own cells, making autologous therapy a much more reliable form of stem cell treatment.

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